Appraisal Services

In this ever changing world, the need for certified   appraisals has grown. It is not an easy task to place a true value on on your   personal property or business assets. In the preparation of an appraisal,  whether it be for a single item or an entire business, many factors have to be   taken into consideration such as age & condition of the item, practicality   & versatility, authenticity, consumer demand, market conditions, location,  etc.

Dubeau Auctions provides professionally documented and   accredited appraisals by a Certified Personal Property Appraiser. Working in   conjunction with Lawyers & Executors, Financial Institutions & Realtors,  Insurance Companies & the Ministry of Transportation, Museums & Charity   Officials, we offer appraisals required for:

  • Probate and Estate settlements
  • Marital separation & divorce settlements
  • Collateral approvals
  • Personal Property home insurance coverage
  • Auto insurance coverage including “Classic & Antique”  vehicles
  • Commercial insurance coverage

Chris Dubeau has established himself as a reputable and   accredited appraiser within the professional industry. He is a graduate of the   Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA) and holds a registered MF Vehicle   Appraiser licence with the Ministry of Transportation.

Chris’ natural love of quality antiques, recognized by age   10, enticed him into his career as an auctioneer as well as lead into him into   the field of antique furniture refinishing. By the age of 20, Chris had built a   successful business, restoring & reconditioning early Canadiana furniture.  With ownership of an antique mall for nine consecutive years, he branched into   the retail sector of antiques, which afforded Chris an additional perspective of   the ever changing antique consumer market and the factors which affect this   market.

Because every situation is different, please call Chris at   (705) 327-5890 to discuss your needs and receive a price quote on your service   requirements.